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Tutorial by SanGenWoman


Angels' Descent by Jan Steinle


Crumpled by Jan Steinle


Sunshine by Carole Breccht


Just Wing It by Jan Steinle


Purple 1 by Carole Brecht


Magic Mist by Jan Steinle


Special by Carole Brecht


Spinner by Jan Steinle


Thank You by Carole Breccht


Hidden Treasure by Jan Steinle


Heart Hugs by Carole Brecht


Heart Connections by Jan Steinle


Gardens by Carole Brecht


A Bow of Boze by Jan Steinle


Fractured by Jan Steinle


Under The Sea by Carole Brecht


Colored Frames by Jan Steinle


Celebrate Caregivers by Carole Brecht


Singin' in the Rain by Jan Steinle


Gridlock by Jan Steinle


Ornament by Carole Breccht


Verve by Jan Steinle


Kenyan Walk by Jan Steinle


Cylinder by Carole Breccht


Sunsplosion by Jan Steinle


Deep by Carole Brecht


Flow by Carole Brecht


Elegant Disturbance by Jan Steinle


Wolf by Jan Steinle


Bermuda Triangle by Carole Brecht


23 Squidoo by Jan Steinle


Triangle Tangle by Carole Brecht


Pillow Soft by Jan Steinle


Father Heart by Jan Steinle


Swirls by Carole Brecht


Action by Carole Brecht


Untitled by Jan Steinle


A Caring Heart by Carole Brecht


Maze by Carole Brecht


Super Hero by Carole Brecht


Caregiver's Rock by Carole Brecht


Blowin' in the Wind by Jan Steinle


Heroes by Carole Brecht


Knot Today, Please by Jan Steinle


Soaring by Carole Brecht


Field of Dreams by Carole Brecht