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August 6th, 2015


I had such a wonderful time! I’m so glad that I came and you did an excellent job teaching the workshop. Although my background is in the arts, drawing was not an area that I was ever really comfortable in. I have always been a more hands on creative type, which led to me earning my degree in jewelry/metalsmithing.

When I first saw the Zentangle photo posted, I thought, “That is awesome! I wish I could do that.” And I admit that I was a little nervous about the workshop. The way you presented it was perfect. The phrase that stuck with me was that “If you can write your name, you can Zentangle.” It was interesting to deconstruct all those patterns and I feel like it will help me with my jewelry design. There was a great balance between the structure of learning and the ability to experiment.

Eileen V, Pittsburgh, PA

I loved the Zentangle class. I can't believe it was only your second workshop---you're a great instructor. And my friend...